Works from the Age of Lutheran Orthodoxy by Johann Gerhard


Gerhard, An Explanation of the History of the Suffering and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ, $30.00

After being out of print for nearly two years, Johann Gerhard's "An Explanation of the History of the Suffering and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1622) is back in print!

Originally published in 1998, Gerhard's "An Explanation" has been one of our best selling volumes over the years, but finances delayed a reprint for two years while several other new titles were added to our inventory.

Gerhard's concern as a theologian was, above all, pastoral, and this concern is reflected in his numerous devotional books and sermon collections. Gerhard's "An Explanation" leads the reader through many types and prophecies in the Old Testament pointing forward to Christ's suffering and death.

The work is divided into two introductory sermons and five 'acts' (I. In the Garden, II. At the Home of Caiaphas, III. Before Pilate, IV. Christ's Crucifixion, and V. Christ's Burial) for a total of 24 sermons. 

Gerhard's knowledge of Holy Scripture and his ability to connect the Old Testament types with their fulfillment in Christ combine to make this a profound book. 

Johann Gerhard, Sacred Meditations, $13.95

Sacred Meditations

by Johann Gerhard

Johann Gerhard is widely-recognized as having been the 17th century’s greatest Lutheran theologian.

In addition to his many weighty theological tomes, Gerhard was renowned as an author of devotional materials, the most popular of which was his Sacred Meditations (1606). Gerhard’s 51 meditations are among the most profound devotional material ever produced within the Church, leading the reader through most of the articles of Christian doctrine.

ISBN 1-891469-19-3 • 302 pages paperback • $13.95

Johann Gerhard, The Daily Exercise of Piety, $12.95

The Daily Exercise of Piety

by Johann Gerhard

transl. by Rev. Matthew Harrison

When Repristination Press first published this title in 1994, it was the first title by Johann Gerhard that we had offered. The book met with such a reception by its readers that it is a joy to reprint these 46 devotional prayers again. If you have benefited from Sacred Meditations, you will also want to read The Daily Exercise of Piety.

ISBN 1-891469-18-5 • 96 pages • hardcover • $12.95

Johann Gerhard, Postilla, volume 1, $35.00

Postilla (1613), Volume 1

Sermons for the Church Year from Advent through Pentecost

by Johann Gerhard

transl. Dr. Elmer Hohle

This collection of 48 sermons is a treasure of faithful Lutheran teaching. Gerhard’s profound insights into the teaching of Holy Scripture make this a volume which readers will profit from reading over again each year.

512 pages • hardcover • $35.00

Johann Gerhard, Postilla, volume 2, $32.50

POSTILLA (1613) Volume 2

Sermons for the Trinity Season

by Johann Gerhard

transl. by Dr. O. Marc Tangner

From the earliest days of the Reformation, the Postils (volumes of sermons) provided a model of proper preaching, and a guide for clergy and laity to understanding the Gospels of the Church Year. The first volume of Johann Gerhard’s 1613 Postilla included 48 sermons covering Sundays of the Church Year from the First Sunday in Advent through the Feast of Pentecost. Now, volume two completes the Sundays of the Church Year with 28 sermons from Trinity Sunday through the end of the year.

This is the first time that any entire year’s worth of Gerhard sermons is available in English!

300 pages  • hardcover •  $32.50

Johann Gerhard, Schola Pietatis, vol. 1, $25.00

Schola Pietatis (School of Godliness) Volume One

by Johann Gerhard

transl. by Rev. Dr. Elmer Hohle

Many generations of English-speaking Lutherans have benefited from several of the devotional writings of Dr. Johann Gerhard (1582-1637). Until now, Gerhard’s most comprehensive devotional work, the Schola Pietatis (1622–1623) has never been avail- able in English. This amazing work was pub- lished in five volumes. Gerhard wrote his Schola as a corrective to the True Christianity of Johann Arndt (the ‘grandfather’ of Pietism); Gerhard believed Arndt was influenced by the writings of mystical authors and Gerhard developed his Schola solely on the basis of Holy Scripture. Gerhard’s Schola stands as one of the greatest achievements of one of most influential theologians of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

ISBN 1-469891-50-9 • 353 Pages • Hardcover • $25.00

Fischer, The Life of John Gerhard, $30.00

The Life of John Gerhard

by Dcn. Erdmann Fischer

transl. by Rev. Dr. Richard Dinda

    We know that many of you share our amazement at the tremendous labors which Gerhard performed in the service of the Lord of the Church. However, while you’ve had the opportunity to study several of his books, it has been almost impossible to learn much about the life and work of this great teacher... until now.

    Written in 1723, Fischer’s Vita Iohannis Gerhardi still stands as one of the finest histories of the life of this central figure of 17th century Lutheran theology. And it is now the first book-length biography of Gerhard published in the English language. It is, therefore, an indispensable reference for any reader who wishes to better understand the theology and history of the Age of Orthodoxy. Fischer includes a summary of all of Gerhard’s extensive writings, as well as a selection of 20 of his letters.

ISBN 1-891-469-34-1 • 464 pages hardcover • $30.00